Sunday, January 30


the man who gets my blood runnin' Posted by Hello

That's it. It's official.

Looks like i'm a sucker for older men. Particularly Gil Grissom.

Now before my friends start hounding me with questions or start rolling their eyes at my declaration of luuuuuve (or lust) for an obvious, fictional being, allow me to shed a bit more light on Gil (wow. first name basis hehehe)

Yes, he is the head of CSI Vegas. A show that, thanks to DVD collections, I am able to catch up on... And get my delicious fill on Gil. Atrocious rhyme but I couldn't resist. (Lord knows when it comes to Gil, i simply give in).

Anyway, back to my fascination for older guys. But before I go on, let me lay down some criteria lest i get the hopes up of some 60-year old guy reading this...

1) Men 28 -35 years of age are ok by my book. Then again, 35 is pushing it. Right now I'm 26 goin' on 27. I don't want a guy too old that he'll think that just because he's been around a decade before I even existed in my parents' consciousness, he is the boss of me. Nope. As mentioned, I have parents. I have no need for another one.

2) He must have not been married/separated/divorced. Why? One word: complicated. Enough said.

3) Children on the other hand are welcome. Just as long as the mother of the child will not have any objections whatsoever.

Alright. Now we come to why i like my men a bit older.

Of course, there's this whole "women mature faster than men" sort of talk going, right? Well I subscribe to that. Let's just put it this way, with older men—or at least the ones i've been with, you're bound to get wonderful, and not shallow conversations. You don't have to worry about their sense of humor being too lame or something that is usually reserved for the locker room or something like that. And so far, chivalry is not another "c" word that has them scratching their heads in confusion.

At least I used to think older men were gentlemen. Recent events say (or perhaps I should say yell ) otherwise. More on this in future posts. Meanwhile, back to the man of the hour.

Why him? Why a nerd like him? Yes, he is a nerd. But then again a nerd who makes me laugh, leaves me in awe because of his quick wit, and just blows me away with all that science and forensic talk doesn't sound too bad now is it?

Except, he ain't real and even if he were, he hasn't met me.

Well, that's just too bad. For him, I mean. ;)

Tuesday, January 11

Takes some getting used to

1) waking up early
2) waking up early enough to give me time to prepare
3) waking up early enough to give me time to get ready for work
4) being employed again
5) having a job with no regular office hours or office for that matter.

it's been a good day. productive. and it feels good to be spending money i've actually earned again. great to go around a mall and going out to eat without worrying whether or not i've brought enough cash with me. it feels wonderful. damn wonderful.

also, someone emailed back today. nice to be able to meet new people again, or at least have the will to. met up with Blocmate-good friend-soul sister-partner in panlalait (hehe) Mylene. it's great having to have a conversation over coffee that isn't about lost hopes or broken hearts. we're just both basically wondering and slightly holding our breath, waiting for what's just around the bend. all in all, it was fun. it's nice to know that we've both grown up. she's always been an inspiration and i'm glad she's happy. she deserves so much.

JJ (best friend, oft-mistaken for my boyfriend since high school, former crush, and now the object of my undying affectation hahahah kidding and now proud late bloomer to fashion and good grooming) happened to pass by. JJ and Mylene are former churchmates, so no awkwardness there.

Dex had an interview today. Hope it went well. He did sound happy when he called. So that's another thing to be thankful for.

Anyway, since i need to get used to getting my abundant arse out of bed early as i've got a breakfast meeting, i have to give this up and go home. but hey, if there's one thing i've learned today—at the risk of sounding like the tagline of my former company, these are one of the days that i've realized that

Life is good.

Yet another thing i have to get used to.

Sunday, January 9

Talking in clichés

New Year. New Blog. New Beginning.

Last year I lost my job, my graduate school scholarship, and my disposable income. Not to mention falling out with a few people and losing some very close to my heart.

Although I gained a few friends, lost a few pounds, became a columnist for and got in touch with old friends and rekindled my passion for writing.

And i managed to stay alive for 2005.

For a woman who has lost everything, it's a good thing that I manage to keep my sense of humor. It's a bit wry and perhaps biting at times, but then I'd rather look back and laugh about the things that transpire in this life of mine rather than grumble and regret over my past like a bitter old woman. My hair may be turning gray (because of too much haircolor i think. yes, too much use of haircolor can turn your hair gray, don't ask me why it just does... eventually) but Lord knows i'm far from being a bitter old woman.

And since I've nothing to lose and everything to gain, who knows what i've got waiting for me this year? According to the Chinese Horoscope (was born in the year of the Horse), this year is bad for business and good for love. Wow. That prediction couldn't be more off target.

Then again, who knows? i think i should ditch the planning and leave it to life to surprise me at every turn. Last time i tried to plan my life, look where it got me. Even the best laid plans go awry, so here I go forging half-blind into the year just leaving much of my every day to the Guy Upstairs. Bet He's way better than I am at the proverbial wheel.