Monday, February 28


I'm not okay
I haven't been okay physiologically for the last week.
I haven't been okay mentally since the day I was born. (tabula rasa my ass)
I haven't been okay emotionally since July of last year
and I try to be spiritually okay to keep whatever sanity I have left.

So if anyone asks,

I'm alive.

Monday, February 14

And speaking of the day-that-must-not-be named... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 9

Taken by "Taken"

I recently finished watching a collection of Steven Spielberg's "Taken." And at the risk of sounding like i'm reviewing the thing, i have to say that it was suprisingly well written. Who would've thought that a TV special about aliens and conspiracies and all that jazz would have me wax sentimental?

Anyway, it happened that one Sunday afternoon when i was left to my own devices. i found myself watching the final episode. Believe me, the writing was so damn good I had to keep a pen and notebook handy just in case a line or two struck me.

And lo and behold, it did. something really got to me. and thank God for the pause button i was able to jot it down.

How do you let someone go?
How do you understand that
that's alright?
That everything changes?
How do you find a way
for that to make you
feel good about life
instead of breaking your heart?
The hardest thing you'll ever learn
is how to say goodbye.

By the time i got all of that down i was soaking the page with my tears. And just when i collected what's left of my sanity and/or poise, they just had to have another kick-ass ending spiel.

Life is all about asking questions
not about knowing all the answers.
It is wanting to see what is over the next hill
that keeps us going.
You have to keep asking questions
wanting to understand
even if we won't know all the answers.
You have to keep asking the questions.

Anyway, feel free to pause and reflect on these. i'm headin' home ;).

Tuesday, February 1


Some people simply inspire you. Some move you to do great things, some move you to tears, this man, moves me to write.

I am no angel
I hurt, I bleed
in this disturbed place i call my life
i try my best to breathe.

It's still just brewing in my head. Nonetheless, thank you to the one who shakes the foundations of my soul that i can't help but write. And think...

In a few days, it'll be another year for you dear one. Wish i could come up with a more solid tribute than this

Some park in Silay, 3 Feb. 2003 Posted by Hello