Wednesday, May 25

Mundane Musings

It's been a crazy past few weeks. But then again, what is there in my life right now that isn't crazy? So let's qualify that... crazy in a sense that the demands of all the jobs that i currently am tasked with has definitely exceeded the supply of energy and resources that my body has.

* * *

Good and not so good part? Stress makes me lose weight. Big time. Enough said as there are those who will kill me themselves because i came out and said something so stupid.

* * *

Speaking of stupid, been working on a project for almost a month now and while the layout and design part are definitely fulfilling, the production, PR, and all other BS that i have to deal with isn't. Bottomline is, if the system is screwed then everything else is.

* * *

Sometimes, when everything gets on my nerves, i scream inside my head. Recently though, i haven't been doing the screaming.

Yes, imagine one day that you're being yelled at by people very dear to you and who are supposed to be on your side. I'm not talking about my folks. Parents yelling at children are more or less a given. (Thank God my folks won't read this)

Such a situation makes one bound to question so much. But then, the experience makes for a good article. Hmmm.

* * *

Visited a few minutes ago. need to write an article. maybe i will. maybe it'll even be about screaming.

That's is. Crazy as it doesn't actually make sense. But hell, i'd just like to write while i still have the energy to do so. I'm way out of practice.

And practice makes perfect, so there.

* * *

p.s. crazy bad thing last night. some foreign black guy harrassed me, sort of. ugh. i'm not being racist but he was way out of line to put it mildly.

more on that soon. gotta make a phone call.