Wednesday, June 8

Wedding Whatever

Brief blog-hopping is a poor substitute for actually meeting up with friends i miss to discuss life thus far over cups (or bottles) of choice beverages.

Nonetheless, it being June and all, *sigh* might as well join the dandy June bandwagon and briefly mention anything remotely pertaining to weddings and/or marriage.

oops. one must NOT mistake one for the other. weddings are but a day while marriage is every day of the rest of your lives... together. something like that. babble babble.

here's my two cents.

over the years, regardless on whether or not i was with someone or even if i held the slightest hope that i'll eventually tie the knot with some poor unwitting sap one day, i've compiled a bunch of songs that i'd like sung at my wedding. the list grew and was reduced over time as the songs either were used in friends' or in other people's own weddings (spoilsports) or if i eventually grew out of loving a particular song. (one fine example is America's All My Life)

so how would i like my wedding soundtrack to sound like? here's a handful:

feels like home - Chantal Kreviazuk
OST - How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Dawson's Creek

love moves in mysterious ways - either the original Julia F version or the male version as heard off the OST of Indecent Proposal. HELL NOT THE NINA VERSION. GAAAAAAAD!!!!

butterfly kisses - bob carlisle. damn if the wedding part in the song makes me cry.

ikaw - heck, i'll even settle for the regine version

i will be here - as originally done by stephen curtis chapman

can't think of anything else right this very moment. but here's a Gary Granada song that i stumbled upon from a friend's blog. and now it's on my list. read on and you'll see why.

anyway, enough sentimental sh*t for now. i'm going to take a nap before i get too sulky to sleep straight.

* * *


my salutations bounced off the walls of the silence you keep
in the ocean of distance between you and i
you ask me to move closer and catch a glimpse of your state of mind
only to leave me, mouth agape, wondering what you meant
how dare you shake the already unsettled foundations
of the life i built since you turned me away
but now you sound as if you're sorry
tell me do you regret having let our time pass
are you saddened by the memories that should've had a happier ending
you control your destiny. you made a choice.
don't tell me now that you felt you've made the wrong one.
it's been two years. Two years since.
If you wanted to do something about it, then you should have by now
you made a promise once that if and when you've found the answers you seek
then you'll move mountains to find me
you know where to find me
don't try to win me with subtle whispers
or woeful moans of despair
i deserve so much
so much more.
moreover, i deserve truth
and absolute

i already questioned everything
if it were true
or just another trip of yours.
you have no idea how much that possibilty
tears me apart.

find me.
and then, we'll see.

we'll see.


Blogger des said...

weddings make me cry.. and il probably cry bucketful of tears during my very own. you already got a handful of songs lined up huh.=)

7:16 PM  
Anonymous yna said...

Watch Gary Granada at Conspiracy, Visayas Ave., March 20, 2006

4:16 PM  

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